Alpha Cephei – vol. 3

Alpha Cephei, the brightest star in Cepheus constellation, is also known as Alderamin, “The Right Shoulder” (of the king). The star lies close to the precessional path of the north celestial pole, so that it periodically comes within 3° of being an exact pole star.

Alpha Cephei os one of the current projects from the artist and musician Davic Nod. Listen to his first release Weapons Of Mass Distraction here.

Thalamus Lab

Thalamus Lab is a co-creation laboratory in search of new cultural blends and evolutionary methods, with a global view of music. The collective offers a free exchange of ideas under Creative Commons licenses, and work around electronic music, with a special interest in new technologies and new media.

Khromat App

Khrōmat is an instrument or musical toy, an application for iPad which consists of an interactive graphical interface. The user can learn about music production and its process in an intuitive way, using a non-technical, very visual environment: playing, listening and exploring the sounds through the visual sense.

Do you remember me?

This is the cover design of the 3rd EP of the artist Davic Nod, called “Do you remember me?”.
You can download the EP for free in the netlabel Música Vermella.

30 – &

This is the deal: You don’t need a computer to create a poster! This is a sewed poster of 30 different ampersands (one of the most unique typographical characters out there) in 30 different ways.

Quechua Internship

Work realized during my internship to Quechua’s International Headquarters Center of Design.
The designs published here, remain under the sole property of Oxylane Group and Marta Caro Moreno, and they are protected by the right to intellectual property

Davic Nod – Dubic

Second EP from the artist Davic Nod, titled Dubic.
Dubness, darkness, huge basses and processed voices. Download it for free here+ info

Contrast Textile

Study about the visual contrast between shapes, colors and textures. Screen printed textile.

Mijn Fascinatie Book

Experimental book about my fascinations; a collection of ideas, thinkings and inspirations.
The cover comes out as an individual poster.


Based on  John Cage’s concept of disjointed and inaudible sounds of the individual himself are those which generate the music, seemingly imperceptible, but eternal.
6825f is a visual interpretation of the work by extending body parts, and listening to the sounds produced during 6,825 frames (04:33″).


Davic Nod – Some music comes from the cellar

Design for the debut album of the artist Davic Nod.
Photo from David Zilber

360º Pinhole Camera

Self-made 360º pinhole camera.